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CEO CFO Magazine Interview

Interview with Jay Cormier, Founder, President & CEO of Eyedaptic, Inc.
By: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor CEOCFO Magazine

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Issue: April 6, 2020

Using Augmented Reality Visual Aids with Proprietary Software, Eyedaptic, Inc. is optimizing and enhancing Peripheral Vision for people with Macular Degeneration or Loss of Central Vision

CEOCFO: Mr. Cormier, the first thing I see on the Eyedaptic, Inc® site is “Enhancing Vision to Revitalize Life.” How are you doing so?

Mr. Cormier: We employ augmented reality visual aids together with our proprietary software to enhance a person’s vision. For someone who has maybe macular degeneration or the loss of central vision, we can help optimize and take advantage of their peripheral vision.

CEOCFO: How does it work?

Mr. Cormier: The technology is basically taking in an image through the camera in the augmented reality glasses. Our software enhances and reprocesses that image and re-displays it on the displays that sit in front of the user’s eyes.

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