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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out if Eyedaptic Glasses are right for you:

Will it work for me?

Our device was created for people with vision that is impaired by retinal diseases specifically macular degeneration.  With other issues that degrade your vision, such as dense cataracts or other retinal diseases that affect the vision in different ways, the efficacy of our technology may be decreased. It is best to contact your ophthalmologist or low vision optometrist to see if you are a candidate.

Is it simple to use?

We have designed our technology to be very simple and user friendly. There are a few different settings you can choose from with the click of a button.  You can set it in automatic mode with a click of a button.

Is it one size fits all?

The eye glasses are one size fits all for the EYE3, EYE4, and EYE5. All models have adjustable nose pieces for fit and comfort.

What are the tasks I can use this with?

  • Watching TV
  • Reading
  • Using a Computer
  • Plays & Concerts
  • Interacting with others at gatherings 
  • And many others daily tasks that we have seen people use the glasses for!

Can I use this outdoors or in low light situations?

The glasses can be used in a variety of lighting conditions, and include a brightness adjustment so the user can adjust as needed.

What should I expect when I first use the glasses for reading?

Experiment with the reading material at different distances and magnification to find what is the most comfortable for you.

Will my device need adjustments if my vision changes?

Eye glass prescriptions are relatively stable later in life and will likely not be an issue. Because our technology zooms into text, makes edges crisper and lighting bolder and brighter, the addition of minimal prescriptions in our eyewear will likely be unnecessary. If vision worsens due to your retinal pathology, you will also not need adjustments to your eyewear. However, if you are prescription dependent prior to using our technology, there may be a chance you will need prescription inserts in our glasses, which is something we can easily provide, and can be adjusted over time.

How do I get started?

Please submit the form on the contact page and we will get in touch with you. Contact Page Form »

How do I make sure it is properly set up and focused?

For the EYE3 the IPD (interpupillary distance) is adjusted digitally from the phone user interface. No adjustments are required for the EYE4 or EYE5.

How do I fit the device?

There is no fitting needed for the EYE3, EYE4 or EYE5 except for nose piece adjustment to make sure the glasses are properly seated.

Can it be worn over glasses?

Yes, many times the Eyedaptic glasses can fit over your glasses. We can fit the glasses with prescription lens inserts depending on the model, however, they are rarely required.

Can I drive with them on?

No. They are not intended or recommended for use while driving.

What tasks are they intended for?

Relatively stationary tasks are best where the head is not moving around excessively. These include sitting and reading, watching television, shopping, bingo and other games, and having conversations.  Tasks they are not intended for would be running, biking, using power tools or driving.

Do I have to keep this plugged in?

The EYE3 has hot swappable batteries so no further external battery is required. The EYE4 and EYE5 glasses are made to be tethered to a cellular phone, and therefore power is supplied from the phone and must be always plugged into the phone for operation.

Can I return it?

Check with your medical practice or dealer at point of sale for their return policy.

Does my insurance cover it?

Unfortunately, similar to hearing aids these devices are paid for directly by the user. However, VSP Insurance does have provisions to reimburse part of the cost of low vision aids, as does the Veteran Affairs.

Is there a warranty?

There is a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects from the date of purchase on Eyedaptic branded products, included in their original box.  Repair or replacement for defective products is at Eyedaptic’s discretion.  Product registration is required for activation of the warranty.

Is there clinical data to support the device?

Yes, we performed a clinical study that showed improvement in visual acuity and tasks of daily living.

How can I learn more about your Regulation Crowdfunding?

To review the latest Equity Crowdfunding Campaign page click   or to review Annual Report click here »

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