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Eyedaptic in your Clinic & Practice

Eyedaptic offers comfortable wearable eye wear that uses proprietary vision enhancing software that effectively simulates a person’s natural vision. Hear first-hand from Dr. Rebecca Kammer, OD, PhD how easy it is to integrate this into your daily practice. Designed in conjunction with leading ophthalmology retinal specialists, low vision optometrists and occupational therapists, Eyedaptic is completely non-invasive and worn like glasses. A clinical study demonstrates efficacy in daily tasks and improves visual acuity.

Some Words from Medical Experts

“This solution was designed by Retina Specialists and Low Vision Optometrists who understand your problem.” Brian Kim, MD Ophthalmology & Retinal Specialist

“Patients often use multiple low vision devices for daily needs and this, hands-free, wearable product combines many of those into just one device.”
Rebecca Kammer, OD, PhD & Low Vision Specialist


In the last few years, low vision wearables have changed, technology has changed, and devices have become much lighter. See how Eyedaptic Augmented Reality Glasses can benefit those with age-related macular degeneration and other low vision diseases. One device for many tasks to open up your world.

Clinical Study

Eyedaptic designed a study so that we can test how patients would do in real life. With comparisons with glasses and AR glasses, the difference was quite phenomenal. Some patients were able to accomplish tasks twice as fast with Eyedaptic.

Product & Practice Integration

Eyedaptic has a full range of features and a wide field of vision. When you focus on an object with and without the glasses, you really get a positive perspective of the benefits from the eyewear. It’s a great tool to help your low vision rehabilitation patients.

Training & Follow up

This device is Ideal for low vision users, and with the help of an occupational therapist or optician it is easy to integrate into your and Optometry or Ophthalmology Practice. Follow up with the patient is important to help ensure usage in their daily living tasks. This is exciting new computer technology – both software and hardware.

Summary & Testimonial

Enhancing vision to revitalize life. Patients will benefit from this new technology. It’s lightweight, easy-to-use, and constantly evolving to help you or your loved one see what they’ve been missing.

Eyedaptic Clinical Study Data

Our clinical study data has effectively demonstrated how Eyedaptic’s FDA Class I Exempt device provides life-changing independence for those with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Our collected data sets include:

  • Efficacy data on Timed Instrumental Activities of Daily Life (TIADL)
  • Visual Acuity improvements
  • Usability data for a range of distances

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