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A Ray of Light: How Eyedaptic’s Augmented Reality Visual Aid May Provide a Timely Solution for those with AMD and Low Vision Globally

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 60 years old, impacting more than 170 million individuals worldwide. For the last several years, the founders of Eyedaptic have set out to provide an innovative visual solution, designed to help these individuals regain their independence and improve the quality of life that is often lost with low vision disorders. Eyedaptic will present promising clinical trial results at the upcoming Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), taking place at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 30th.

ARVO is the largest eye and vision research organization in the world with nearly 11,000 members, composed of eye and vision researchers from more than 75 countries. The mission of ARVO is to advance research worldwide and to expand the understanding within the vision care system to prevent, treat and cure disorders. Medical expert and low vision optometry advisor, Dr. Rebecca Kammer will present details of Eyedaptic’s augmented reality (AR) visual aid’s clinical trial data.

“We are looking forward to presenting these important findings to the international community,” stated Rebecca Kammer, OD, PhD. “AMD is a challenging condition, impacting millions by limiting daily activities and ultimately reducing quality of life. We believe this new data brings the promise of a versatile device that can improve vision across a range of activities which will also more broadly impact patient hope and overall independence.”

“We are excited to share this impactful objective data supporting improved quality of life and enhanced vision with the utilization of our software,“ stated Dr. Mitul Mehta MS, MD, Eyedaptic’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder. “Those with low vision are very well-acquainted of the limitations inherent in most current visual aid solutions. The benefits of Eyedaptic’s first-generation prototype enables improved vision endpoints and addresses those limitations with an optimal freedom-enhancing alternative.”

About Eyedaptic
Eyedaptic is a software technology company addressing unmet needs within the ophthalmic field and focused on developing visually assistive Augmented Reality (AR) devices with embedded simulated natural vision software in open market hardware platforms. Our devices are designed to offer low vision consumers a non-invasive, mobile visual aid to address retinal field of vision impairments. The Eyedaptic EYE-01 efficacy data, from the inaugural clinical trial, along with early usability data from extended in-home usage reinforces improved reading acuity as well as greater success with independent activities of daily living.

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