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Could Augmented Reality Enhance Vision and Quality of Life for AMD Sufferers?

The Situation

For many late-stage, age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) sufferers, the world has slowly vanished before their eyes. Small every day activities most of us take for granted become herculean tasks and independence is relinquished to caregivers and loved-ones as they become the necessary eyes of the AMD sufferer.

What are the Benefits?

But what if this situation could be remedied with something as simple as a pair of impressive eye glasses? At Club Vit this last week, Dr. Mehta Introduced a non-invasive, mobile visual aid that improves the field of vision, essentially rebuilding the world around the user. Eyedaptic’s proprietary Vision ‘Portal’ and seamless transition maximize the user’s field of vision and has been validated in continuous user meetings over the last year.  With one user stating “I can see with these glasses almost as good as I could before my eyes started deteriorating”.

What is Eyedaptic?

Eyedaptic is a software technology start-up, addressing an unmet need in the ophthalmic field. Eyedaptic is focused on developing and marketing visually assistive Augmented Reality (AR) solutions with embedded simulated natural vision software in open market hardware platforms.

 Dr. Mitul Mehta – Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder

Mitul is a board-certified ophthalmologist with fellowship training in medical and surgical diseases of the retina at UCI’s Gavin Herbert Eye Institute. Mitul is the cofounder of the online America Retina Forum and the Young Retina Forum as well as the editor of the retina section for the surgical education website, CSurgeries.com.

Millions of people are affected by retinal disease globally. Eyedaptic is passionate about helping these people get their life back.

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