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Eyedaptic presents how Augmented Reality Technology Can Bring Hope to Those with AMD at the inaugural OIS@SECO Innovation Showcase

Loss of vision, including retinal disease, can happen suddenly or develop slowly over time. The key is to catch any vision changes early on.  Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss for those of the age of 60 and impacts more than 10 million Americans.  AMD causes the central field of vision to degenerate and can drastically impact a person’s quality of life. Currently most vision aids designed to address AMD and other low vision disorders, are little more than glorified magnifying tools, and are often cumbersome to use for day-to-day tasks. This leaves individuals with limited flexibility of movement and further impacts their pending loss of independence.

Jay Cormier, President, CEO and Founder of Eyedaptic, will introduce a new visual aid solution, to the optometric community. Eyedaptic’s unique software essentially reconstructs the user’s entire field of vision through simulated natural vision software technology.  New compelling user data will be presented at the inaugural OIS @ SECO 2019 Innovation Forum held at the New Orleans Marriott on February 21st at 1pm CT.

OIS has expanded its mission to highlight innovations with this exclusive half-day meeting for the leading eye care and industry professionals at SECO.  SECO International is the leading source for world-class optometric education in the country, and Optometrists and optometric staff from across the United States and around the world meet to learn about the latest research, innovations and techniques in the optometric profession.

“Eyedaptic presents an exciting visual aid solution for those individuals challenged with retinal disorders, particular those with AMD,” says Paul Karpecki, O.D., OIS@SECO Co-Chair and a prominent Key Opinion Leader in Optometry. “We look forward to hearing how the use of Eyedaptic’s proprietary innovative Augment Reality (AR) software addresses a current unmet need in the market and serves to aid all stages of Age-Related Macular Degeneration before AMD adversely impacts quality of life.”

Dr. Karpecki recently joined Eyedaptic’s Medical Advisory Board and is the Director of Cornea Services at Kentucky Eye Institute, Associate Professor at Kentucky College of Optometry as well as part of Retina Associates of Kentucky.  As the Chief Medical Editor for Review of Optometry, Dr. Karpecki has been selected as one of the 20 most influential people in Optometry and frequently presents education on the latest technologies in eye care.

“I am delighted to have Paul on the Eyedaptic team and to report on extremely encouraging EYE-01 efficacy clinical trial findings and early usability data from extended in-home usage,” remarked Jay Cormier, Eyedaptic President, CEO and Founder. “To hear the promising stories and watch those with AMD regain independence after years of living with restricted daily activity, reinforces our mission and fuels our passion to help these people with effective solutions that retain their quality of life.”

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