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Low Vision Meets Augmented Reality at So Cal Bio and Health 2.0 Conferences

We are getting closer to a time when those with retinal disorders and specifically, macular degeneration, may one day simply don a pair of special eyeglasses and just like that, regain the life and independence they once lost as a result of their vision loss.

Eyedaptic, developers of advanced vision software, is addressing this unmet need and presenting new game-changing data as a finalist at the Health 2.0 Conference VentureConnect Pitch Competition the morning of September 16 in Santa Clara, California. Health 2.0 is the leading showcase of cutting-edge innovation, designed to transform the healthcare system with a fresh approach to medical technology. The conference includes compelling panel discussions along with innovative product demonstrations and has evolved to become the premier event for developers and designers in the health care space.

That same week, President & CEO, Jay Cormier will present “Augmented Reality Visual Aids for Macular Degeneration to Enhance Vision and Revitalize Life” at the Annual SoCalBio Conference on Sept 19, at 2:40 in Long Beach, California. This conference presents the latest bioscience innovations and explores efficient pathways to bring them to market.

Both presentations demonstrate how an augmented reality (AR) visual aid can offer a life-changing solution to those challenged with macular degeneration, low vision or other retinal conditions.  The presentations will include both efficacy and usability data from extended in-home usage. The Eyedaptic story includes testimonials from those in various seasons of life struggling with Macular Degeneration who have now regained their independence, increased quality of life and improved reading acuity.

“Our commitment remains focused on bringing a viable solution to those with Macular Degeneration and low vision,” stated Jay Cormier, Eyedaptic CEO and Co-Founder. “Our real-life case studies demonstrate how our augment reality (AR) software can reliably restore independence and revitalize life.”

Eyedaptic is a privately-held visual aid software company, enabled by augmented reality (AR) hardware, designed for those with Macular Degeneration and other retinal disorders. The proprietary Simulated Natural Vision software goes beyond magnification to enable a fuller field of vision, key to those with central vision disorders. For more information, please contact us.

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