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Enhancing Vision and Changing Lives: A Conversation with Eyedaptic

Enhancing Vision and Changing Lives: A Conversation with Eyedaptic

In conjunction with the Opthalmology Innovation Source (OIP) Podcast, Eyedaptic CEO Jay Cormier sat down with Carey Powers and six other startup companies at OIS XIII to discuss the latest and greatest innovations in the ophthalmology field. Throughout the conversation, Jay shared insights into Eyedaptic’s mission, recent achievements, and the profound impact Eyedaptic augmented reality glasses have on the lives of those with visual impairments.

Eyedaptic at its Core

Eyedaptic is a pioneer in the field of augmented reality glasses designed to simulate natural vision. Jay further explained to Carey that Eyedaptic technology is driven by proprietary software incorporating computer vision and AI. What sets Eyedaptic apart is its ability to adapt not only to an individual’s vision but also to their habits and environment.

Clinical Studies and Commercialization Success

This year has brought exciting updates on both the clinical and commercial fronts. Eyedaptic conducted a new clinical study focusing on diabetic retinopathy, which revealed significant improvements in contrast sensitivity – a crucial factor for diabetic patients. The company’s initial clinical study on macular degeneration demonstrated over a doubling of visual acuity and a fivefold improvement in daily living tasks.

Commercially, Eyedaptic has achieved notable success, having shipped hundreds of units to patients. With impressive conversion rates and retention rates exceeding 90%, the company aims to expand its reach in the coming year through the growth of its sales force and marketing programs.

Life-Changing Accessibility 

One of the highlights of the conversation was Jay sharing anecdotes of individuals whose lives were transformed by Eyedaptic’s glasses. Stories included a 28-year-old woman with Stargart’s disease, who, for the first time, could see her son’s face, and teachers who regained the ability to read. These heartwarming anecdotes underscored the immediate and significant impact of Eyedaptic’s non-invasive solution.

How Eyedaptic’s Technology Works

Without revealing too much, the conversation provided a glimpse into the technology behind Eyedaptic’s glasses, explaining the process of capturing the world image through a camera, processing and enhancing it with proprietary software, and displaying the result on high-resolution 1080p screens in front of the user’s eyes. Notably, the glasses weigh only 80 grams and resemble regular sunglasses, ensuring both functionality and a discreet appearance.

Looking Ahead

As the conversation concluded, Eyedaptic’s goals for the upcoming year were outlined, emphasizing a commitment to building on their commercialization success. Plans include expanding the sales force, enhancing marketing efforts, and reaching more patients globally to make a meaningful difference in their lives.


Eyedaptic’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology in improving the lives of individuals with visual impairments. The company’s commitment to innovation, evidenced by its impressive clinical results and commercial achievements, positions Eyedaptic as a beacon of hope for those facing challenges with their vision.

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